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York Mystery Plays

In 2006 we traveled to York, England, to participate in the quadrennial presentation of Mystery Plays.  This was with the International Pipe and Tabor Festival, held that year in conjunction with York’s early music festival.  We (the taborers) worked up music appropriate for the mystery plays, and accompanied them through the streets of the old […]

Canon Wins! Most languages on a warning notice!

We’ve just added a new Canon printer at home.  There’s a one sheet warning notice, with cautions about loading paper correctly – photo paper here, plain paper there. The interesting thing is the number of languages this warning is printed in, filling both sides of the page.  I’m certain of English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, […]

Thoughts on Gambling

Basically, I don’t get it.  There’s more to it of course, but my logical mind doesn’t understand how people can waste their money that way. What spurs these thoughts is a recent experience working “The Money Wheel” for a neighborhood festival.  I looked at how it worked, did a rough estimate of the odds, and […]

Audiobook Complete: Ultima Thule

Title: Ultima Thule Author: Mack Reynolds Source: Librivox URL: Told from the perspective of a new agent in United Planets Bureau of Investigation on his first assignment, this is really a political discussion.  As the new agent visits planet after planet in search of a purported political agitator, the problems of multiple political systems […]

A Tempering Experience

At the Whitewater Early Music Festival the first weekend in June, I bought some second hand instruments, a bass cornamuse and an alto recorder at A=415.  I took my good tuner (Korg OT-120 ) with me to check the instruments before buying. The cornamuse was first up.  I turned the tuner on, noted it was […]

Audiobook Complete: The Dueling Machine

Title: The Dueling Machine Author: Ben Bova Source: Librivox URL: This is a long short story, or maybe novelette in length.  Its a story of good technology used for evil in ways the inventor never considered.  Reasonably interesting, but I found it fairly predictable.  It might have had more of a surprise to it […]

Tax Reform I’d Like To See

I filed my taxes on time again this year.  Same as every year since I started earning an income.  Every year, it is a bigger and bigger pain.  I used to do it by hand, and very early on started using a computer program that would do the calculations for me.  Years ago I switched […]

Mineral Rights Conversation

Notes on “Mineral Rights Conversation”, a listening technique from “Fierce Conversations” by way of a WorkingLeadership training course.  I’m not explicating anything here, simply putting notes in a place where I can find them easily for later use.  Want to learn more?  Follow the links above… 1.  Interrogate reality 2.  Provoke learning 3.  Tackle tough […]

GoogleVoice on YouTube

Google Voice has opened a channel on YouTube to help people understand what it is good for.  I think its a great tool, especially at a cost of $0.00! Make use of my Google Voice by using the call-in option at the Contact link above.

SpinRite Rocks!

No surprise to other people who have used it, but SpinRite is a great tool.  From Gibson Research Corp. ( SpinRite is a hard disk maintenance and recover tool.  Not cheap, but a great value. So why did I need a hard disk maintenance and recovery tool?  Well… another one thing leads to another.  I […]