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SpinRite Rocks!

No surprise to other people who have used it, but SpinRite is a great tool.  From Gibson Research Corp. ( SpinRite is a hard disk maintenance and recover tool.  Not cheap, but a great value. So why did I need a hard disk maintenance and recovery tool?  Well… another one thing leads to another.  I […]

The Luddite Geek joins the HD crowd

In many ways I feel like I’m a Luddite geek.  I’m well aware of the cutting edge of technology trends, and can explain them to my non-geek family and friends.  But I am very seldom living at that cutting edge any more.  I have little interest in the latest and coolest toys, I want them […]

2009 In Review

For the first post of 2010, a review of 2009 seems appropriate. IMHO, my performance as a blogger over the past year has been mediocre at best. I’ve got ideas of things to say, but making the time to write them up in a form I’m willing to share has not been easy. I also […]

Closing the Guest Room Doors

The joys of an older home… built in 1928, our house is in great condition, but always needs something.  This week it was getting all the guest room doors to close, preparing for a house full in a few weeks. Thanks to Grandpa’s Stanley #4 and the Veritas Low Angle Block Plane, that works now.  […]

Plan for maintenance, people!

Plumbing FAIL.  I can’t replace the leaking spray hose in the kitchen sink because the !*!)!$)# nut is *inside* the hole in the countertop.  The fix is clearly to remove the faucet, disconnect the hose from the it, add an extension to the spray hose attachment point so it will end up below the countertop, […]

Viola da Gamba Beginner Classes

I spent the last week of July 2009 taking beginner classes at the Viola da Gamba Society of America ( annual conclave.  The conclave was hosted at St. Xavier University here in Chicago, and the beginner class was offered to community members at no charge, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to learn something […]

Viola da Gamba Beginner Classes

I’ve finished a week of viola da gamba beginner lessons. They were given at the annual conclave of the Viola da Gamba Society of America, which was in Chicago this year. ( I learned quite a bit I think, and I’m going to see if I can rent an instrument for a while and learn […]

Digital Television a Surprise?

I’m astonished at what I’m hearing today, one day after analog television broadcasting stopped in the United States. There are people who managed to be surprised by this? How???? If you watch television at all, you must have seen or heard an announcement sometime in the last several months, after the last try at switching […]

First Post!

Unoriginal name, I know, but something had to be first.  Mostly a placeholder with no real content, used for setup purposes.  And some testing.