Workout Mod

It’s January, time for all good “January Joiners” to re-up at the gym, and start in on that resolution to lose weight and exercise more.

This is one way to create a workout log that’s easy to keep in your pocket when you go to the gym.  Logging your workout will help you track your progress. I also find that having a written workout plan, with the details of each exercise listed, is a great help to getting through a workout efficiently.

The original idea came from a Lifehacker posting at  This is how I implemented it.

Step 1: Create your Plan

Using any word processor or text editing tool, create an 8 page document
with your workout plan.  Here is a workoutplan template for one possible format, adjust as you like.  Just remember that this 8 page document is going to be printed on a single piece of paper, so keep your font choices large enough to read.

Step 2: Save as PDF

Save your file as a PDF document.  If your word processor doesn’t have
that ability built in, install a “Print to PDF” tool.  Google “free pdf” and select one of many.

Step 3: Convert PDF to PocketMod

Download and install PDFtoPocketmod from  Run the program, and open the PDF file you created in step 2. Select “Save as PocketMod”
to create the one page document you’ll be folding.  Be aware that this
is currently beta software, and a little flaky.  I sometimes have to
tell it to save twice before it works, and it seems to be better if
I have the cursor on the “Save as type” dropdown when I select “Save”.

Step 4: Print and fold

Print the page you created in step 3, and follow the instructions at
to fold into a booklet.

Enjoy your workout!