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Standalone JNDI

I have a need at work to implement a standalone command line Java program that needs to be able to use local JNDI.  I’ve got it working, but it was way harder to figure out than it should have been, and I couldn’t find any blog postings that used the version of code that I […]

How A Computer Works from Steve Gibson

The Security Now podcast by Steve Gibson with Leo Laporte is doing a wonderful series on how a computer works.  Every other week (or so, depending on security news) Steve takes the listeners through a discussion of how a computer works, beginning with first principles, i.e. logic gates.  Steve has a talent for making technical […]

Automated Processes can be Dumb!

I like computers.  I make my living writing software for them.  I like process automation, setting up actions to happen automatically, whenever human judgment isn’t needed to execute a process accurately or safely.  But some process automation sure can be dumb! I was supposed to pick up my sister in law at the airport.  Her […]