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Review: The White Company from Librivox

The White Company by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, an audiobook from  I never read this adventure story set in the middle ages as a boy.  In one way, that’s too bad, because I missed out on a really good story.  In another, that’s good, because being introduced to it by Clive Catterall, who reads […]

GTD Productivity Pr0n!

The David Allen Company has produced a new GTD Workflow map, and they’re selling it with an accompanying DVD of David walking you through the workflow. It looks interesting…

Closing the Guest Room Doors

The joys of an older home… built in 1928, our house is in great condition, but always needs something.  This week it was getting all the guest room doors to close, preparing for a house full in a few weeks. Thanks to Grandpa’s Stanley #4 and the Veritas Low Angle Block Plane, that works now.  […]

Automated Processes can be Dumb!

I like computers.  I make my living writing software for them.  I like process automation, setting up actions to happen automatically, whenever human judgment isn’t needed to execute a process accurately or safely.  But some process automation sure can be dumb! I was supposed to pick up my sister in law at the airport.  Her […]