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Review: Breckenridge Elkins

Breckenridge Elkins is a “tall tale” character, written by Robert E. Howard.  That’s the same Robert E. Howard that wrote the Conan the Barbarian stories, although these are quite different.  Breckinridge is the biggest man in Bear Creek, and is one of those people that things just happen to… Howard wrote these stories in a […]

Cash Reserves

I find that tax season is always a good reminder to do a financial review.  If you read financial planning information at all, you’ll find that everyone recommends that you build up a cash reserve and keep it somewhere safe.  The definition of how much to keep, and where to keep it varies. In my […]

2008 Income Taxes

I’ve got the first draft of our 2008 US income taxes done. I think this is as early as I’ve ever done it, and it seemed easier than it has been in the past. I looked at the systems I’ve got in place, and see some things I’ve done over the years that add up […]