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Getting coached by David Allen This is a really informative 15 minute video, showing bits of David Allen in a coaching engagement, getting someone started on GTD.

GTD Reviews

I recently posted an explanation of the regular reviews I use in Getting Things Done (GTD). On review, I find I’m pretty happy with it. Rather than repeat it all, here is a link to it on

Google Voice – Open to All!

Google announced that Google Voice is no longer an invitation-only service.  Anyone (in the USA) can get an account, or use an existing Google account to activate Google Voice for yourself. I like it a lot, even though I’m not a heavy phone user.  If I were, I would absolutely love it.  Take a look […]

Getting Pomodoros Done #1

I’ve been experimenting with The Pomodoro Technique in combination with Getting Things Done (GTD) to maximize productivity at work.  I’m finding some very interesting results after about 6 weeks. First, working in 30 minute sprints (the hub of The Pomodoro Technique) does not seem to seriously affect the flow state a developer needs to do […]

GTD Productivity Pr0n!

The David Allen Company has produced a new GTD Workflow map, and they’re selling it with an accompanying DVD of David walking you through the workflow. It looks interesting…

E-Book Management, Kindle & Calibre

I’ve been enjoying my Kindle 2 for 6 months now, and have started to accumulate quite a number of e-books that will work on the Kindle.  (There are a lot of free ones available, especially if you like to read classic science fiction!) I can tell that I’m going to want to use some kind […]

TikTok Timer for Palm

I recently needed a stopwatch at work, and forgot that my cell phone had that built in.  So I went looking for one for the Palm.   What I found is way better than just a stopwatch! The TikTok Timer for Palm is, as the developer’s web site says, “…a simple, no nonsense, timer utility for […]

GTD: Hacking Outlook Categories

As I’ve said in a previous post, the 15 categories provided by the Palm Task manager are enough contexts for my GTD implementation.  Except at work, where I sometimes use Outlook Tasks to assign work to other people, which I want to keep track of. Outlook allows multiple categories to be assigned to a Task.  […]

GTD: Overview of my implementation

GTD, or Getting Things Done, is a personal productivity system by David Allen.  One of its strengths is the way the concepts behind it are implementation agnostic.  That means the system can be done using index cards, a notebook, within Outlook, on a Palm or other PDA, using dedicated software, or many other ways.  That […]

GTD: Completed NAs & Resume Maintenance

I had an interesting insight about GTD and resume maintenance Manager-Tools style, fostered by a Get-It-Done-Guy Podcast on resumes. Save those Project and Next Actions lists full of completed items at least until the end of the month.  At that time, use the finished entries to jog your memory for the month’s accomplishments to add […]