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Audiobook Complete: The Dueling Machine

Title: The Dueling Machine Author: Ben Bova Source: Librivox URL: This is a long short story, or maybe novelette in length.  Its a story of good technology used for evil in ways the inventor never considered.  Reasonably interesting, but I found it fairly predictable.  It might have had more of a surprise to it […]

Audiobook Complete: Manners, Customs and Dress During the Middle Ages and During the Renaissance Period

Title: Manners, Customs and Dress During the Middle Ages and During the Renaissance Period Author: Paul Lacroix (1806-1884) Source: Librivox URL: This is an entertaining and enjoyable book, as long as you don’t take it too seriously as an authoritative resource.  In the areas where I have detailed knowledge, there isn’t much that I […]

Tax Reform I’d Like To See

I filed my taxes on time again this year.  Same as every year since I started earning an income.  Every year, it is a bigger and bigger pain.  I used to do it by hand, and very early on started using a computer program that would do the calculations for me.  Years ago I switched […]

Mineral Rights Conversation

Notes on “Mineral Rights Conversation”, a listening technique from “Fierce Conversations” by way of a WorkingLeadership training course.  I’m not explicating anything here, simply putting notes in a place where I can find them easily for later use.  Want to learn more?  Follow the links above… 1.  Interrogate reality 2.  Provoke learning 3.  Tackle tough […]

How A Computer Works from Steve Gibson

The Security Now podcast by Steve Gibson with Leo Laporte is doing a wonderful series on how a computer works.  Every other week (or so, depending on security news) Steve takes the listeners through a discussion of how a computer works, beginning with first principles, i.e. logic gates.  Steve has a talent for making technical […]