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SpinRite Rocks!

No surprise to other people who have used it, but SpinRite is a great tool.  From Gibson Research Corp. ( SpinRite is a hard disk maintenance and recover tool.  Not cheap, but a great value. So why did I need a hard disk maintenance and recovery tool?  Well… another one thing leads to another.  I […]

The Luddite Geek joins the HD crowd

In many ways I feel like I’m a Luddite geek.  I’m well aware of the cutting edge of technology trends, and can explain them to my non-geek family and friends.  But I am very seldom living at that cutting edge any more.  I have little interest in the latest and coolest toys, I want them […]

Getting Pomodoros Done #1

I’ve been experimenting with The Pomodoro Technique in combination with Getting Things Done (GTD) to maximize productivity at work.  I’m finding some very interesting results after about 6 weeks. First, working in 30 minute sprints (the hub of The Pomodoro Technique) does not seem to seriously affect the flow state a developer needs to do […]

Sheet Music Archive Moved!

I’ve finally moved all of the sheet music I’d published on my old googlepages site over here.  The SHEET MUSIC link up above will take you to my sheet music archive.  Now that I’ve got the old stuff moved, maybe I’ll get around tuit and publish some of the more recent work.

2009 In Review

For the first post of 2010, a review of 2009 seems appropriate. IMHO, my performance as a blogger over the past year has been mediocre at best. I’ve got ideas of things to say, but making the time to write them up in a form I’m willing to share has not been easy. I also […]