2009 In Review

For the first post of 2010, a review of 2009 seems appropriate. IMHO, my performance as a blogger over the past year has been mediocre at best. I’ve got ideas of things to say, but making the time to write them up in a form I’m willing to share has not been easy. I also don’t seem to be settling on any one topic.  I’m mixing reviews, updates for family and friends, reference information on all kinds of topics, all in one place.  Kind of like what’s in my head, I guess.

I think this experiment in public writing is good for me, even if no one ever reads or comments, so I’m going to keep it up.  No promises that frequency of posting will improve, however.  If there is someone reading who would like to comment to me, you should probably send it in using the Contact link up above, as the automated spambots post comments too quickly, and I’m not interested in spending time moderating spammers.