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The Texas Toot

This year, instead of attending the Whitewater Early Music Festival, my wife Laurie and I attended the Texas Toot ( We shared a family vacation with my father (83 and still playing) and a lot of friendly mostly Texans. It was a good time! The Toot is a week long workshop that takes place in […]

Cantigas de Amigo – Martin Codax

Some friends and I have entertained ourselves by working up our own versions of the Cantigas de Amigo by Martin Codax.  We started with a transcription by Chris Elmes.  While much of that was very good, some of the transcription was troublesome, so we took a close look at the original manuscript. (ca. 1275, image […]

The Adventure of the Shawm Case

I recently purchased some new-to-me instruments, an alto and tenor Renaissance shawm, made by John Hanchet.  That leads to a need for a new instrument case, as what I’ve been carrying isn’t deep enough for the 5″ bell on the tenor. I spent much too long looking at various options and cases from Pelican, SKB, […]

Sheet Music Archive Moved!

I’ve finally moved all of the sheet music I’d published on my old googlepages site over here.  The SHEET MUSIC link up above will take you to my sheet music archive.  Now that I’ve got the old stuff moved, maybe I’ll get around tuit and publish some of the more recent work.