Review: The White Company from Librivox

The White Company by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, an audiobook from  I never read this adventure story set in the middle ages as a boy.  In one way, that’s too bad, because I missed out on a really good story.  In another, that’s good, because being introduced to it by Clive Catterall, who reads this book for Librivox, is wonderful.

Never mind the plot summary, go visit the web page for this title, where you’ll find a summary and pointers to the full text if you’d rather read it for yourself.  I want to talk about this audiobook version.

In short, its great.  I listened to it over a couple of weeks while walking the dog.  The reader keeps the story moving well, in a clear and easy to understand British accent.  Actually, several accents, as he changes voices to suit various characters.  Not every character, just the main ones, and he does quite a fine job suiting accent and diction to the character.  Its quite helpful to following the dialog and keeping track of everyone. provides free audiobooks of public domain text.  The readings are all done by volunteers, so the quality is a bit unpredictable.  This reader, Clive Catterall, in my opinion is well up at the top end of the quality curve.

Combine good reading with a good voice, and a good tale to tell, and you’ve got hours of pleasurable listening ahead.  Highly recommended.