How A Computer Works from Steve Gibson

The Security Now podcast by Steve Gibson with Leo Laporte is doing a wonderful series on how a computer works.  Every other week (or so, depending on security news) Steve takes the listeners through a discussion of how a computer works, beginning with first principles, i.e. logic gates.  Steve has a talent for making technical topics easy to understand, even without visuals.  I think this series is great, and well worth the time for anyone to listen to.

Computer professionals will enjoy the presentation, and find snippets they’ll use when trying to explain to other people what it is they do for a living.

Technical hobbyists will find themselves saying “Oh, so that’s why it does that!”

Non-technical users will learn that it isn’t really a mysterious black box, there are some very simple principles below everything you see.

Episode List

  1. 233: Let’s Design A Computer (Part 1)
  2. 235: Machine Language
  3. 237: Indirection: The Power of Pointers
  4. 239: Stacks, Registers & Recursion
  5. 241: Hardware Interrupts
  6. 247: The Multi verse
  7. 250: Operating Systems
  8. …(more to come ?)…