Israel Trip

In March 2009, I took a trip to Israel for both work and vacation. The first week was spent working, at company headquarters in Jerusalem and then speaking at a conference in Tel Aviv. Then Laurie joined me, and we spent a week on holiday. We spent several days in Tel Aviv, and the rest of the time in Jerusalem, with a day trip to Masada and the Dead Sea.

It was a really good vacation trip, with all kinds of interesting things to see. We haven’t scratched the surface yet, we’ll have to make another trip some day.

Photos can be found on Flickr. I’m hoping I keep up my interest in posting here, and write an entry to go with each set. But just in case we have another lag in posting, here are direct links to the various photo sets.

Group Tour of Jerusalem, organized by the conference:

Photos of Tel Aviv:

Walking the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem:

Zedekiah’s Cave:

Tour to Masada and the Dead Sea:

The Temple Mount:

Emek HaMatsleva – Rehavia Park and the Israel Museum:

Archeology in Jerusalem:

Laurie’s photos of Tel Aviv and Jaffa:

Laurie’s photos of Jerusalem (mostly from the group tour, more later maybe):