Plan for maintenance, people!

Plumbing FAIL.  I can’t replace the leaking spray hose in the kitchen sink because the !*!)!$)# nut is *inside* the hole in the countertop.  The fix is clearly to remove the faucet, disconnect the hose from the it, add an extension to the spray hose attachment point so it will end up below the countertop, reinstalling the faucet, and then attaching the new hose.

The problem could have been avoided if, when the kitchen was remodeled, the workers had spent about 30 seconds thinking about maintenance.  If they’d noticed the spray hose attachment point didn’t extend below the countertop, they could have put a 1″ long extension on it, and the leaky spray hose would have been fixed already.  Instead there’s a much bigger operation needed to deal with the repair, doing what they should have done on installation.  And its more plumbing than I can stand to do, even though a faucet replacement is comparatively easy.  Time to pay the plumber.  Yecch.