Canon Wins! Most languages on a warning notice!

We’ve just added a new Canon printer at home.  There’s a one sheet warning notice, with cautions about loading paper correctly – photo paper here, plain paper there.

The interesting thing is the number of languages this warning is printed in, filling both sides of the page.  I’m certain of English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Danish, Greek, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Czechoslovakian, Magyar,  (p2) Polish, Slovakian, Russian, Turkish, and Romanian.  I think I am identifying Latvian and possibly Georgian.  There are two that are some flavor of Arabic, but I have no clue which is what, and there’s another in the Cyrillic alphabet.  Also something that looks related to Latvian, but isn’t the same, and another that might be related to Finnish.

Languages are cool, and this is the most I’ve ever seen at one time.  Kudos to Canon!