Travel Tips – cord management

When traveling with geek toys, packing and keeping track of the connection and power cords gets to be a problem.  Lots of cords come with velcro straps attached, but not all of them.  So what to do?

You could buy velcro straps and add them to the cord yourself.

Or you could be cheap, and use sandwich bags.  I like to use zip lock sandwich bags, one cord per bag.   A cord with power brick attached may need a quart sized bag instead of sandwich size.  Coil the cords, slip them into the bag, zip the top, and you’re done.  The cords don’t get tangled, and they are a lot easier to see and understand for the TSA employee looking at the carryon bag XRay.  The bags hardly weigh anything, and are big enough (compared with twist ties) to see easily, so you won’t lose them often.