Audiobook Abandoned: At the Mountains of Madness

Now that the weather has turned better, I’m listening to audiobooks while walking the dog again.  The first one didn’t turn out so well…

Title: At the Mountains of Madness
Author: H.P. Lovecraft
Source: Uvula Audio
URL: and scroll down the page

I remember reading a fair bit of Lovecraft when I was younger, and being captivated by it.  I can’t tell at the moment if this is a particularly non-sterling example of his writing, or if I’ve just moved on.  I abandoned listening to this halfway through the first chapter (of 6).  It was putting me to sleep while driving, which is a really bad thing.

The reader was doing quite a creditable job, but the prose style of endless descriptive sentences, with nary a dialog or character to be seen, was soporific.

If you’re currently a fan of Lovecraft, you might want to give these free downloads a try.  Otherwise, pass.