Sheet Music – Consort

I’ve been playing in a recorder consort for many years.  The music labeled for consort might be just recorders, or recorder and voice, or something else.

Caroso’s Chiara Stella
Green Groweth The Holly (Henry VIII)
O Felix Templum Jubila (Johannes Cicconia, late 14C)
Regina Coeli (A. Brumel, ca. 1501)

Sumer is icumen in (recorders)

Robert Parsons, In Nomine III a’ 7 (manuscript at IMSLP)
* Score
* Parts SAAT
* Parts A_TTB

Court Chords

These settings are intended for use in any situation where a pickup group of musicians might need a little quick filler music.  For example, background music for 20 seconds at the Ren Faire.  These are chord sequences based on 16th century dances, but set in a way to let you improvise around them and get a lot of different sounds for not very many pages on the music stand.  A time signature is intentionally not included.  Play them at 1, 2, or 3 beats to the measure, or divide the measure in half and play three beats in each half measure.  Or whatever the group can manage and still stay together.

Court Chords #1

Court Chords #2