Good Neighbors

Chicago Alley in the Snow

It’s really nice to live on a block with good neighbors.  We’re in the midst of what is going to be several days of more or less continuous snow in Chicago, and I’m seeing some real neighborliness in action.

I came home from work last night, and found the snow that came down during the day had been cleared from my front sidewalk.  It turns out the guy two houses down got a new snowblower, and was enjoying using it.  And the neighbor on the corner across the alley had cleared most of the alley that I ususally do, before I got home.

Of course, another four inches 0r so came down overnight, so we were all out again this morning.   Half my front walk was cleared before I got there by Two-Houses-Down.  The bit of walk between sidewalk and street was done by Next-Door, on his way across the street to help blow the snow there.  Across-The-Alley cleared what I hadn’t gotten done while I was around front on our house.  Which I discovered when I did Next-Door-On-The-Corner’s walk, as I went around the corner from our front to the alley to finish up and put the snowblower away.

We’ve got more snow on the way — still coming down in fact, and we’ll all be out again this afternoon, I’m sure.  Helping each other out, little rays of sunshine in the Chicago winter.