In the Beginning… 2009 Goal

Starting a blog at the beginning of a calendar year, it seems like the thing to do is talk about what I’m up to here.   Why am I doing this?  Primarily to improve my writing by doing it a lot.  And I find I have things to say that might be of interest to a wider audience than my friends or co-workers.

All the personal productivity gurus seem to say that goal setting is the path toward high achievement.  I’ve never been good at setting explicit goals,  but I’m willing to try something new.

So one of my goals for 2009 is to post some content here at least once a week.  “Content” means a posting of at least 100 words of original content, not just a link to something I find of interest.  I expect to hit a variety of topics, including all the categories over there in the sidebar.    Averaging over the year won’t count — 52 postings by the end of January isn’t the same thing as posting weekly.  I may occasionally slide early or late, but I’ll make note of it when I do.

And we’re off…